Sarah Hurst: No Fixed Amounts

I want to be a champion for other artists and to be my own champion as well. The artistic spirit is temperamental and often infantile but when nurtured can be a remarkable force that can recognize beauty anywhere and does battle to bring it to the surface for others to see. The more we can do that for each other, rather than feeling threatened by one another’s talents, the better our art as well as our own peace of mind.

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The sun dances throughout this place with its richest colors. Even the photos I take seem to encapsulate the magical glow of a village that has been long-cast into a happy spell. Its warmth radiates from the golden buildings painted lavishly by a giant brush stroke of light that loosens my deepest fibers and strikes me dumb. Is this place even real?!

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We dine outside under string lights with a classically Italian plaid tablecloth and order all the glories of the fertile countryside: ripe, expressive vino bianco… the locals’ favorite comfort food, Carbonara… mouthwatering zucchini and eggplant… and endless helpings of the most decadent, heart-warming pasta.

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